The Tsunami War

Between the frontlines of Aceh

30 min. 2005 DVD / VHS german / english / indonesian
For over 30 years, Indonesia has battled GAM rebels for control of Aceh. Now, there are concerns Indonesia is exploiting the Tsunami to step up its military campaign.
Under the guise of distributing rice, a helicopter sets off for Aceh. But when the aid is distributed, it lands on an American warship and is loaded with guns. Next morning, Indonesian soldiers in the region are all armed again. By taking control of reconstruction in Aceh, the Indonesian government has further entrenched its position here. Foreign journalists are no longer allowed into the region. Even aid work can only be carried out under the observation of the military. “Since the Tsunami, the Indonesian government has launched a large offensive against us, even though we declared a cease fire,” complains GAM commander Kafrawi. Refugees have been forced into government camps and isolated from everyone else. “We will put up a barbed wire fence around the camp to separate the refugees from the civilian population,” states military commander Lt Helmi. There are plans to keep them here for years, until the government has finally won its war against GAM. Having barely survived the Tsunami, the people of Aceh are now having their last bit of self determination taken away.