Always Coca Cola

How the soft drink giant from Atlanta dominates the FIFA World cup

30 min. 2005 DVD / VHS german / english / indonesian
For thirty years in a row Coca Cola has been one of the main sponsors of the FIFA World Cup .For using the most popular sporting event to cheer up their image of good sportmanship and fair play , the have paid around a 40 Millionen Euro to the FIFA.
For this the company has got the exclusive right to sell their soft drinks , in the stadions and around the stadium and at every Fifa event.They decide what fans drink and at what price.
 “Every where , where people enjoy team expierence , coca cola is there for the people and the fans “ says Claudia Fasse Coca Colas spokes person in Germany. For Germany their slogans says it’s a “Home game “.
But for many Germans this slogan sounds like mockery .Coca Cola received at least 10 Millionen Euro  from government coffers for investing without ensuring employment in the long run. Thousands of people are hit already by unemployment. Production and distribution in Germany shall be reduced to a minimum which will lead to a further cut of jobs. The works committee fear the worst and worry about outsourcing. The relocation abroad, especially to the east of europe, will hit and affect thousands of people. The fairness of the global player Coca Cola is in doubt. In India, where Coca Cola has several bottling plants, million tons of water are used for the production of soft drinks. The ground water level is on the decline and has fallen to 60 metres. The water shortage threatens the living conditions of the population. The conditions of employment in the bottling plants are severe. The answer of the affected people is massive resistance against Coca Cola which is settled by the police with violence.