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Where do all the colourful t-shirts come from?

Child Labour in India
9´35 min. 1997 german

This film explains the mechanisms of modern globalisation in a child-friendly way.
It tells the story of 10-year old Kumar and 8-year old Lata, who live in a small village in India and who work every day, except for Sundays, from morning till evening in a textile factory in the town of Tirupur. They make t-shirts which are sold to rich industrial countries such as Germany. Like them thousands of young children work in textile factories throughout southern India. Their peers Tom and Isabell in Hamburg like their t-shirts and because they are so cheap they can wear a different one every day. The film traces the production of t-shirts from the factory in India to the shops that sell them in Germany. It raises important questions concerning the fairness of global trade and provides a useful basis for further class discussion.

(The film is used in primary school education in Germany and is available also in other languages to anyone interested.)