100% Cotton – Made in India
30 min.  2003 DVD / VHS germanh / english / hindi

From its polluted landscapes to its poisoned workers, India is paying a heavy price for Europe’s desire for cheap cotton.
After hours spraying the cotton fields with pesticides, Anand is literally bathed in chemicals. He feels nauseous, weak and numb. The average life expectancy of cotton farmers is 35. “I have constant headaches, I can’t breathe properly anymore and I always feel nauseous,” complains one worker. Pesticides deemed too dangerous or ineffective for the European market are dumped on the Indian market. And it’s not just the cotton workers who suffer. Spills from pesticide manufacturing plants have contaminated entire regions. Waste from the factories pollutes the water system poisoning the drinking system. But with India under stiff competition from China and Bangladesh for the cotton trade, the reliance on dangerous pesticides will continue
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