Reinhard Hornung Born in 1957 and grown up in Hamburg. Completed his studies at the university for economics and politics with the emphasis sociology and new media. After training in several film production companies he works as cameraman, cutter, producer and film-maker especially for public television in Germany. In addition he is well committed as media pedagogue in the Mediaworkshop “Die Motte” in Hamburg.


Film Highlights
2015 Gasflaring continues, Nigerian farmers get Shell to court ,
SRF (Swiss Television)

"Die Rückkehr der Kohle", NDR, 45 Min.
"Biofuel deadly enemy of the Orang Hutan", ZDF Zoom

2013 "Clean Energy - Lost in Promise", NDR/ARTE
2012 "Toxic shoes", NDR
2011 "Gasflaring - Eco vandalism by the Oil companies", arte
nominated for Grimme - Award 2012 in the category Information
"Toxic beauty – The reality of cosmetics" , WDR
2010 Audience Award for "The Toxins Return" - Ökofilmtour 2010
the Asbestos connection WDR die story
fashion victims NDR/arte
best before NDR/arte
plasticizers - how we become unfertile NDR/45 Minuten
2009 "The Toxins Return“, NDR3
"The Biofuel Myth“, Arte
"Cheap textiles: Toxins in containers“, ORF Weltjournal
2008 "It`s Bio in Germany and Death for the Orang Utans in Indonesia", NDR, Phoenix
Award “Best Environmental Film” at International Wildlife Film festival Green Screen, Eckernförde 2008 and nominated for the Heinz Sielmann Award
"Der Palmöl-Skandal - Wie Stromkunden Umweltvernichtung
finanzieren", BR Report München
"Der letzte Wald der Orang Utans", ARD - W wie Wissen

"Umweltsünde Biosprit", ORF – Weltjournal
"Ozon – Sauberes Tropenholz", RBB
"Mogelpackung Biodiesel", ARD – Monitor
"Lost in Palmoil" 45' min.


„Always Coca Cola“, Ireland TV
„Nichts geht ohne CocaCola - Wie ein Sponsor die WM dominiert“, SWR - Auslandsreporter
„One year after the Tsunami“, SWR – Auslandsrporter


„Mama Coulibaly - The succes story of microfinance“, SWR - Auslandsreporter
“The Tsunami War – Between the frontlines in Aceh”, SWR – Auslandsreporter


“Stolen Protein”, SWR - Auslandsreporter
Award: Ökomedia Special Award from the ministry of the environment, Germany, 2004


The Tropical Timber Trade, SWR Auslandsreporter
The Red Star on Mount Everest, SWR Auslandsreporter
“Giftige Kleider” and “100% Cotton – Made in India”, SWR - Auslandsreporter
Awards: Ökomedia Special Award from the ministry of the environment, Germany, 2003
Kairouan, Tunis Silver Carpet 2004
FICA, Brazil, 2004


“Greasy loot – Palm oil  from Indonesia”, ARTE
Award: Ökomedia 2002 – Golden Lynx for the best journalistic work


“Pulping the people - paper production in Indonesia”, ARTE
“Wir von der 1904 – The cooperative of 1904”


trainer for investigative television Jakarta Indonesia Radio BH 68

  Reinhard Hornung
  Reinhard Hornung
  Reinhard Hornung
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Reinhard Hornung

Reinhard Hornung